It’s as easy as Pie: Celebrate Pi Day

March 10, 2020

Every March 14th (3/14), math enthusiasts around the world celebrate Pi Day. Symbolized by the Greek letter “π,” the mathematic constant with infinite digits that’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, most know pi as approximately 3.14. Pi Day is observed in numerous ways including the delicious ritual of eating pie. 

Whether you’re a math or pie aficionado, The Food District’s Pie Commission has everyone’s filled pastry needs covered. Best known for their flaky all-butter crust, the grab-n-go spot sells over 200,000 pies a year, including 1000 with a π cut out top on Pi Day itself.

Coming in nearly two-dozen flavours, the hearty 5-inch beasts may be golden enclosed rounds with classic filling like Braised Beef Rib or stuffed with Butter Chicken. Who can say no to crowd pleasers like the Chicken Mushroom Pot Pie? Then there are the out-of-the-box rotating specials like Pulled Pork Mac ‘n Cheese, Pasta Bolognese or vegetarian-friendly Sweet Potato Masala currently featured on the seasonal menu. Those with a sweet tooth would want to check out the line-up of top-exposed seasonal dessert pies including fresh fruit crumbles, butter tarts or coconut pie.   

Pi Day Cooking Classes

Besides the sweet and savoury surprises slated for The Pie Commission’s Pi(e) Day shelves, there’s an opportunity to join Pastry Chef Michael Smith in making one of the brand’s signature pies at the Pi Day classes held in The District Kitchen.

The former Bonnie Gordon College teacher will guide attendees in making their own 9-inch pie using The Pie Commission’s signature 5-ingredient pastry and a choice of four fillings (vegetarian options are available). Learn how to properly roll out and form pie pastry, and then exercise your decorative skills at either the 1pm or 3pm session. Everything is supplied including the take-home recipe. Before heading out, be sure to stock up on a few more pies from the store with your exclusive 10% discount for registering in the class. You’ll be a pi(e) expert in no time with the skills acquired, proving that making pie can be, well, as easy – and delicious – as pie.

Renée Suen is a Toronto-based restaurant and travel writer/photographer who searches the world for memorable tastes and the stories behind the plate. She is a columnist at SingTao’s EliteGen magazine, a regular contributor to Toronto Life and WestJet Magazine, and has works in AFAR, Best Health, Bon Appétit, CBC Life, enRoute, The Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Travel.