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Cook Up anything you crave inside The District Kitchen

March 27, 2019

In anticipation of the official launch of The Food District, I had the opportunity to get a quick glimpse of the location prior to its April 1st opening day. The addition to Square One will not only be the host to over 25 different food and lifestyle merchants but The District Kitchen inside will be dedicated to various cooking classes. I took part in A Taste of Thailand, a fun class focusing on various Thai dishes and I am about to dish out about my cooking experience. Pun intended.

The beautiful amenities consisted of a state of the art kitchen where chef Julian Pancer lead the class. After a quick introduction, We were encouraged to put on an apron and to get cooking. For those who weren’t confident in their knife skills, the chef quickly gave a demo before allocation a different task to everyone. While some people were busy making the jasmine lemongrass rice to accompany the mains, others were peeling mangoes or julienning cucumbers for the spring rolls.

I started off the night by assembling the shrimp spring rolls and I’ll admit that they were much easier to make than I thought they would be! Once all the ingredients were ready, it only took a minute to fully assemble the finished product and I can’t wait to replicate the recipe at home. It was such a fun experience to be able to cook with like minded individuals who also enjoy the art of cooking. As it is the case with most fun things, time passed by quickly and soon enough, it was time to reap the fruits of our labour.

Dinner that night started off with a mango salad, a delicious coconut carrot soup and shrimp spring rolls. It was then followed by Thai basil beef, green coconut curry (chicken and vegetarian options) along with Thai Basil eggplant. The meal was paired with beers and ciders from Collective Arts Brewing and we concluded with an assortment of macarons from The Macaron Boutique, one of the vendors present in the space. The Beauty of those cooking classes is that they do not only give you a very useful skill that you can use in your everyday life but it also serves as a showcase of all the different vendors in The Food District. The meal was cooked with ingredients found across The Food District and truly helped to demonstrate the level of quality that is present there.

To celebrate the opening of The Food District, the classes are all free until April 7th and there’s a huge variety to choose from whether you wish to learn how to make dumplings or to perfect your oyster shucking skills. I loved my first experience here and I think that those classes would make for such a fun date night or even a team bonding activity! Just head over to the class calendar for more details and get to cooking.

Food District Contributor: Didier Young