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Travelling the World From the Comfort of The Food District

April 24, 2019

If food is the spice of life then The Food District has it in spades. With so many vendors, offering specialty meats, spices, sweet treats, and drinks that, not only feed the soul, but take you on a trip across the world. So, pack your appetite and leave your passport at home because The Food District is about to take you on a culinary world tour. 

If you’re drawn to that carnivore life and can’t resist the flavours of prosciutto and sausages, inspired by european and mediterranean delights, then take a direct flight over to Seed to Sausage. This meat master has so many choices to choose from: duck prosciutto, capicola slices, and even award winning Montreal style smoked salami sandwiches. With over 400 units sold since April 4th, it’s a winner you’ll want to try. Craving some cured meat? Flip the menu over and you’ll see a plethora of choices. Hand-crafted and locally sourced traditional spanish style chorizo, calabrese spicy salami and, of course, classic pastrami smoked in the old way and ready to eat. 

Do you have a sweet tooth? Well, you’re in for a treat; hop on the candy train and pull into Sugar King Factory station. This sugar emporium is stuffed full with specialty imported treats from all over the world. They feature chocolates, candies, and even cereals you can’t find on your local store shelves. Chocolates and biscuits from England, nostalgic cereals from the USA, and candy that’ll take you back to your childhood. Thought Razzles were only a thing of fiction in the movie 13 going on 30? Same here, but the Sugar King Factory has them and in more flavours than you can imagine. Looking for something with a little more bite? Pop Rocks come in every flavour of the rainbow along with your favourite Fanta soda. Willy Wonka would be proud!

Head east over to Tao Tea Leaf and find your bliss in a warm or iced tea. Their selection of teas come from the far reaches of the globe. With over 120 choices to choose from, Tao Tea Leaf will have the tea for you; from asian oolong and chai to african rooibos. Known for its pureness and authentic flavours, all teas are made with the highest quality ingredients and are ethically sourced; even the milk and sugar are held to the highest standard giving you the creme de la creme of tea experiences. Love bubbles in your tea? Tao Tea Leaf has you covered and can satisfy any bubble tea craving you get. 

The Food District is an all-in-one global food marketplace. The culturally diverse array of top-quality chefs, food, sights and smells blend to create an unforgettable experience your tastebuds won’t forget. From middle eastern dishes to french delicacies you’ll fall in love with food all over again.

Written by Mary Beth DeSantos The Food District Contributor